Group Research Themes

We work broadly on the theme of climatic and water-related extremes – with a specific focus on flood nonstationarity. Some examples of publications are provided below for each theme.

(1) Detection and attribution of changes in extremes

We explore how and why the characteristics of extremes are changing (magnitude, frequency, extent, duration) in the past and future.

(2) Measuring the imprint of climate on rivers and freshwater systems

We quantify the drivers of changes in river systems (fluvial geomorphology) and forecast their effects on water-related extremes, over human/management timescales.

(3) Ensemble-based forecasting

We develop dynamical, statistical, probabilistic and ensemble-based approaches using climate forecasts to predict hydrological and geomorphic change (floods, streamflow, sea levels).

(4) Data science approaches to understand global climatic and water-related extremes 

Key themes: Flood nonstationarity, Flood drivers, Channel conveyance capacity, Land cover change, Statistical modelling, Flood forecasting, Ensemble approaches