AGU 2020

A few of our talks at AGU 2020:

  • Invited talk: Slater et al., A global assessment of changes in 20-year, 50-year, and 100-year river flood return periods.
    Session: “Advancing Flood Characterization, Modeling and Communication”. 
    Conveners: Keighobad Jafarzadegan, Paul D Bates, Marie-Amelie Boucher and Ebrahim Ahmadisharaf.
  • Kelder et al, Strengths and limitations of using model simulations (UNSEEN) to assess and anticipate extremes beyond the observed record
  • Parsons, Awais, & Slater, Predicting changes in river channel conveyance and geometry using a machine learning approach. Session: EP030, Prediction in geomorphology, 20 years later