Hello and welcome!

I am a river scientist who is interested in understanding the climatic and human drivers of river systems and flooding. I am based at the School of Geography and the Environment (University of Oxford), a tutorial fellow of Hertford College, an honorary visiting fellow at Loughborough University, and the Chair of the Oxford Water Network, which includes 150 academics across 31 departments, centres and institutes.

I obtained a PhD in Earth and environmental sciences from the University of St Andrews (UK), was a geography graduate student of the Ecole Normale Superieure Lyon (France), and an undergraduate at the Lycee Henri IV Classes preparatoires (Paris, France). My research focuses on attributing and forecasting changes in fluvial systems and hydrological extremes in the context of contemporary shifts in both climate and land cover, over daily to multidecadal timescales. I have a keen interest in developing new computational, data-driven and ensemble-based methods for understanding and projecting fluvial and hydroclimatic change.

On these webpages you will find updates on my current research (below), Publications, Outreach activities, Conference talks, and a short CV. If you are interested in undertaking doctoral or post-doctoral research in any of these areas, please do send me an email or get in touch via Oxford’s Doctoral Training Partnership.